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Over the past few years, HeyJobs has become one of Europe's leading career platforms for essential talent. More than 400 employees from more than 30 nationalities relentlessly focus on helping more than 2,500 clients globally to hire successfully at scale.

With the advent of ChatGPT, HeyJobs immediately understood the long-term opportunities of embracing LLMs for their employees. They quickly became one of the pioneering companies in Germany to leverage LLMs for employee productivity across their organization.

Early in 2023, HeyJobs created an internal AI taskforce and appointed "internal champions" within each department to facilitate the adoption process of GenAI for employee productivity. The goal was to understand how to increase internal productivity by adopting GenAI for all their key processes and departments and how to integrate LLM features into their own product. 

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As part of HeyJobs’ AI strategy, they rolled out ChatGPT Plus across the company, providing dedicated training and use cases per department. This approach yielded remarkably high adoption rates among employees.

However, rolling out ChatGPT Plus brought new problems. HeyJobs had to handle private data safely and deal with a messy system for user accounts and payments. It was also challenging because it didn't easily work with important tools like Confluence and Google Drive.

Next to these problems, there was no easy way to quickly share best practices within the company.


HeyJobs became a Langdock customer to easily roll out a GDPR-compliant LLM chat interface to all their employees. HeyJobs employees can now easily access GDPR-compliantly hosted models like GPT-4 Turbo, Claude 2, and Mistral Large via Langdock and can choose which model makes the most sense for any given task.

By leveraging Langdock’s integrations, HeyJobs employees can now easily work with their existing documents in Confluence, Slack, and Google Drive, empowering their team to seamlessly search for data and generate answers in natural language from the search results. 

The platform’s prompt library enables HeyJobs employees to quickly share their prompts with colleagues, and the assistant creator - equivalent to custom GPTs - helps power users drive adoption among colleagues by focusing on specific use cases.

Langdock's seamless integration with SAML and SCIM facilitated efficient user authentication and management, simplifying HeyJobs' administrative processes. The unified billing feature also provided a streamlined and transparent billing process for HeyJobs, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


Over the past three months, the rollout of Langdock at HeyJobs has yielded great outcomes, with an 80% adoption rate and over 25,000 interactions with various language models via Langdock’s platform. Additionally, the switch from ChatGPT Plus to Langdock led to a 50% reduction in costs for HeyJobs.

The horizontal nature behind Langdock facilitated its seamless integration across multiple departments within HeyJobs, including the Go-To-Market organization, Tech & Engineering, Product, People, Finance & Legal, and Marketing.

Some Use Cases of how HeyJobs uses chatbots & automation in its daily work.

HeyJobs’ internal knowledge assistant

HeyJobs has developed an internal assistant that employees can interact with to quickly find information from the company's internal information stored in Confluence and Google Drive. This assistant efficiently addresses employees' questions on various topics related to HeyJobs' internal organization. For example, inquiries about the first steps to onboarding a new employee, creating a dashboard report or creating an IT ticket. Additionally, designated "internal champions" within departments have created an assistant to manage commonly asked inquiries and help employees make informed decisions.

Customized Email Outreach

HeyJobs has developed an email drafting assistant to help employees create highly customized mail outreach. By providing information such as email history, writing style, and customer data, the system results in a tailored assistant for a certain department or individual employee style.