Security and Privacy at Langdock

Security is our core commitment at Langdock, not an afterthought. We built robust processes to keep your data safe, your workspace private, and your information accurate.


At Langdock, we establish robust security protocols, conduct consistent evaluations to ensure their effectiveness, and transparently demonstrate our adherence to these protocols to independent auditors.


Restrictive Access. Access to data at Langdock is strictly limited to essential personnel based on the principle of least privilege.


Layered Security Controls. We use a multi-layered defence strategy to ensure security, providing backup controls in case of a breach.


Consistent Security Controls. We apply consistent security controls across all sectors, ensuring equal protection against threats.


Iterative Implementation. We continuously refine our controls to adapt to the evolving security landscape and improve our posture.

Audits & Certifications



We safeguard your data through secure processing and provide mechanisms for exercising GDPR rights.


ISO 27001

Langdock is ISO 27001 certified, which ensures the integrity of customer data, minimises risks, and guarantees service continuity.


SOC 2 Type 2

Langdock is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant. Proving our secure handling of user data and adhering to strict & vetted security processes.

“Langdock's data security controls ensure that our information remains safe when working with LLMs. ”

Sebastian Schleicher
CTO, Blinkist

We put extensive measures into place to ensure our product security.

Data segregation. Data is separated by workspace and organisation using row-level access mechanisms.

Vulnerability scanning. We conduct these scans at critical phases to proactively detect and address any potential security flaws.

Real-time Access Control. Using source system access control to inherit permissions for every external integration into Langdock.

Data encryption. Data & chats at rest is encrypted with AES-256. Data in transit is encrypted with TLS 1.3 using AES-256.

Audit logs. All operations are monitored, recorded and can be analysed in great detail at any time.

Redaction of sensitive information. Information entered into the system can be scanned for PII at runtime.

No training data for LLMs. Langdock only uses models where the inputed data is not used for re-training of the models.

Custom data retention. Decide yourself how long we should retain your chat and company data.

Data Hallucination Resistance. We use RAG to provide relevant data and have mechanisms to prevent hallucinations.

We put extensive measures into place to ensure our product security.

Regulatory compliance

At Langdock, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards in our operations. As part of this promise, we consistently assess updates to both regulatory standards and emerging frameworks.

Privacy policy

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Data processing agreement

Request and view our Data Processing Agreement (DPA).

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Frequently asked questions

More about Security at Langdock

Does Langdock train LLMs with user data?

No. All models we support are stateless which means no data is stored within the model. All context that we provide to a model to generate a personalized result is passed to the model with every request. We currently don’t offer fine-tuning of models but you can already bring your own fine-tuned model!

How does Langdock handle permissions of third-party apps?

We use source system access control to inherit permissions for every external integration into Langdock. This makes sure that users can’t access documents they are not allowed to access.

How long does Langdock store user data?

Admins of a Langdock workspace can choose between different user data retention periods. At the end of the period, we automatically delete the user data. The currently available options are: The currently available options are: after 7 days, 30 days, 90 days or no retention policy at all. Our integrations inherit data retention from the source. If a document is deleted in eg. SharePoint, the operation will be propagated in Langdock with the next refresh.

How can Langdock be hosted?

We support several hosting options. Reach out to us and we will find an option that fits your business needs.

Does Langdock support SSO?

Yes. We support enterprise-level Single Sign-On (SSO) for all major identity providers like Azure Entra and Okta.

What are the encryption mechanisms used by Langdock?

The data in the database (both vectors and application data) is encrypted at REST with AES-256 and in transit via TLS.